The most exciting activity of this place is kayaking and swimming. There will be a tree stump at the entrance and we keep rowing our boat until we reach the green spring as shown in the picture. This place has a really good atmosphere and a really cool water.


Pie Klong Root (Klong Nam Sai) Krabi. “Root” in local southern language means slippery which becomes the name of “Klong Root” that can be compared to the usual slider play. This Klong flows and spread out to the end of the Klong and there is a weir that kids and locals love to use it as a slider there. This is why the local call this place “Root” (Slip)

The Program

Kayak in crystal clear waters through a flooded forest floor of a rubber tree plantation, until we get to the jungle where you will test your kayaking skills as we navigate through tight turns on our way back to the crystal pool where you will enjoy some of the coolest freshwater snorkeling we have ever seen.

Swim in clearly water, View nice scenery of mountains. You will earn this environmental friendly trip at Kayak Klong Root Viewpoint. Learns to be a rubber farmer.